The SEAOI Service Award is given to individuals for outstanding contributions to SEAOI or to the profession of structural engineering in the State of Illinois. 

The SEAOI Service Award is given by SEAOI to a distinguished individual, whose involvement and career services in design, construction, education, or business related to structural engineering, have made a significant contribution to the advancement and the recognition of the role of structural engineers. The candidate must be active in his or her field or retired for not more than two years.








Tony Shkurti - HNTB

SEAOI Service Award Recipients

2020     John F. Duntemann
2019     David Fanella
2018     Lawrence C. Novak
2017     Robert G. Lukas
2016     Steve Elver
2015     Laurence J. Dietrick
2014     David R. Bibbs
2013     Thomas F. McCluskey
2012     Bruce S. Kaskel
2011     Roger H. Reckers
2010     David Gustafson
2009     Carl F. Peterson
2008     Deborah Zroka
2007     Jon Boyd
2006     John J. Zils
2005     William D. Bast
2004     Larry R. Meyers
2003     Bryan Erler
2002     Benjamin R. Baer
2001     James J. Powers
2000     Frank Montana
1999     Michael Tylk
1998     William L. Lavicka
1997     Harry B. Kuchma
1996     Nancy L. Gavlin
1995     Timothy J. Kilberg
1994     Dr. W. Gene Corley
1993     Robert B. Johnson
1991     Robert W. Gerstner
1990     Clyde N. Baker, Jr.
1979     Joseph F. Fitzgerald