June 15 through August 26, 2019

Calling all Structural Engineering advocates!

Have YOU written an article about your field of work? Have YOU been interviewed and quoted in an article about structural engineering? Do you wish the general public had a better understanding of how important your work is? Now is your chance to show your peers how good you are at it!

NCSEA has introduced the first-ever Public Outreach Challenge. In this Challenge, SEAOI and its members will be competing against SEAs in every other state to see who does the most and best outreach. The winning SEA will be announced at the Structural Engineering Summit this November in Anaheim, CA.

SEAOI is looking to YOU - our 800+ strong membership - to help us win this challenge. Please submit eligible, published content (news articles, videos, blogs, white papers, etc.) that spread the message about our profession and its critical role in society by filling out this brief form to help us compile the information. If you have multiple articles to share, please complete a separate form for each article. Submissions are due by August 26th, 2019.

Eligible content:

  • is published in print form or on an internet-based media platform in 2018 or 2019
  • is related to the field of structural engineering and includes “structural engineer” or “structural engineering”
  • references NCSEA, SEAOI, or one of SEAOI’s members
  • is authored by SEAOI, one of SEAOI’s members, OR by a third party non-engineering journalist/reporter with quotes attributed to an SEAOI member

Example publications:

  • SEA platform (Good)
    • SEAOI Bulletin
    • SEAOI social media platforms
    • Structural Connection
  • Structural Engineering platform (Good)
    • STRUCTURE magazine
    • Civil+Structural Engineer magazine
    • Professional blog
  • Construction Industry platform (Better)
    • Engineering News-Record
    • Trade Publications
    • Architectural Record
  • Non-engineering platform (Best)
    • Newspaper
    • Magazine

We all know that the State of Illinois often gets a bad rap, but now we have an opportunity to let Illinois structural engineers shine!