Legislative Update

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) and the Political Action Committee (SEPAC) work together to monitor legislation and regulatory changes that may affect and/or be of interest to the Structural Engineering profession. SEAOI members can access our list of the most recent changes and updates here. (You must be logged in as a member.) 

AIA Prairie Grassroots Legislative Day 

We are delighted to once again participate in the AIA Prairie Grassroots Legislative Day, scheduled for Tuesday March 28th.  We have space for 20 members to attend, free of charge, and it is such a well-received event I hope many of you are able to participate.

This is a great opportunity to make our voices heard in Springfield, establish a relationship with our legislators and enhance our relationship with AIA Illinois.  Learn more here!

GAC/SEPAC Announces new Board of Directors!

  • John McLean, Chairman
  • Jose Medero, Treasurer
  • Jan Blok, Secretary
  • Jim Adams
  • Tom Behringer
  • Jim Bibby
  • Bryan Erler
  • Allan Gold
  • Harry Kuchma
  • Frank Montana
  • Tom Poulos


The Government Affairs Committee is an SEAOI committee that works closely with the Political Action Committee, or SEPAC. SEPAC was formed in 1987 to represent the interests of structural engineering and allied professions in the political and legislative arenas in Illinois as an independent, bipartisan political action organization dedicated to the protection of the public health, safety, and welfare, the promotion of the application of structural engineering, the improvement of relevant government activities, and the preservation and advancement of the structural engineering profession.  Read the SEPAC By-Laws for more information

The Government Affairs Committee is composed of SEAOI members who volunteer their time to meet regularly and to keep SEAOI membership aware of current issues affecting the practice of structural engineering. It is not affiliated with any political party, but through its officers and legislative lobbyists, legislation and regulatory changes are monitored. The financial support comes from the generous contributions of individual SEAOI members and from large and small engineering firms. 

Through the Government Affairs Committee, structural engineers can join forces as a community to monitor legislation and regulatory changes that affect the profession. By combining efforts for the benefit of the profession, members can achieve more than would be possible individually. 

Past Principals' Luncheons

The Government Affairs Committee Luncheon is both a venue to hear an outstanding speaker and an excellent networking opportunity. The Principals’ Luncheon brings together the leaders of the structural engineering and affiliated communities to exchange ideas and discuss current issues facing the engineering business. 


Dr. Anthony Ingraffea of Cornell University spoke on the repercussions of fracking.  Professor Ingraffea’s specialties are structural mechanics, finite element methods and fracture mechanics. We were pleased to offer this opportunity for engineers to learn and participate directly in what is becoming a critical intersection between technology and public policy. 


The Honorable Senator Richard J. Durbin spoke at the 2013 event. Senator Durbin serves as the Assistant Majority Leader in the United States Senate. He has been instrumental in bringing federal funds to Illinois for a wide range of projects to the benefit of Illinois and the nation. Among many other responsibilities, he serves on the Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee to help keep Illinois, with its roads, rails and airports, as the transportation hub of the country. 


State Senator Toi Hutchinson, who was elected to the Illinois Senate in 2010 and serves several Senate committees, spoke at the event.  Ms. Hutchinson is a strong supporter of the Illiana Expressway Act and the public-private partnership that will be used for future projects throughout the State.